Video Content

Ive had a ton of experience with Video Marketing. After all its just another form of content. But, I don’t think there is anything as gripping as VIDEO. Yes images as great but theres nothing better than some gripping video. Recently Nike staged a 2 hour ad campaign which got people watching non stop at an advert for 2 hours. Yes it was the Nike #breaking2 attempt where they took 3 of the worlds best runners and attempted to break the 2 hour marathon barrier.

Unfortunately for them they were unsuccessful which probably wasn’t good for their new shoes they were pushing but it goes to show that if you have the right content which is exciting & fresh you will get the viewers. Nike Streamed the event live on FaceBook, YouTube & Twitter & Nike CEO Mark parker touted the event as a huge success.

I also sure you’ve all seen some of’s video on FaceBook on how to cook a steak, or how to make a pizza in 15 minutes in your microwave. The beauty of all these videos is they’re cheap to make, can be filmed on an iPhone & can be uploaded to FaceBook in just a few hours after they were filmed using software that comes free with all Macs.

Let us help you with your next video venture & take your content to the masses with gripping, exciting & fresh video.