The Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury last 3:30 Time Trial

As you may know Im trying to raise money for The Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinsons by riding The Tour Of Sufferlandria. Its a 9 day cycling tour done indoors using their indoor cycling training app.  It would be super awesome if you could please donate to our cause.

sufferfest this kid

This kid Ethan has raised over $6000 already. No, seriously..

What a legend! Me on the other hand am not a legend at all. Or maybe its my friends who aren’t legends. Look at my donation page.

jason sufferfest donation page

Yes suckers $10 so far!! So i made you this little video to help motivate you punks.

So to help you better understand what The Sufferfest is, here are some pictures.

sufferfest fun

Sufferlandria, like fun, but different.

Yes, its more like this. Pain. Lots of pain.

Yoda had some wise words about pain.

And suffering, lots of suffering in Sufferlandria.

Oh yes, The minions have merch for us.

Whats a minion you ask?

Minions are horrible little creatures who turn your bike up when you’re not looking and make 1 minute intervals 1:15 without telling you..

Oh lets not forget the Couchlandrians. These are people who sit on the couch & eat donuts all day, They also show up at your door offering you donuts in the middle of your ride. Never trust a couchlandrian.

Oh and this.. this is how hard you ride every video otherwise Grunter Von Agony will flog you & feed you nails for supper.

Oh, I almost forgot the pizza. Its how we prep for racing. Lots of carbs.

So far as of today Im 7 days into the tour & 132 miles into it. All miles were uphill at max effort. I promise GVA, no lies.

Please donate now 🙂 From all of us here in Sufferlandria we greatly appreciate it. Just click the image below.

jason sufferfest donation page

Cheers, thanks for reading this far, please leave a comment below if you plan to donate & in my next video i will give you a shout out.