The Sufferfest – Tour Of Sufferlandria 2017

What is The Sufferfest?

Thats a great question & if you want proper answers the place to go is . The website is full of great information and will really give you a good idea of what you can expect. To put it simply The Sufferfest is a way to make boring indoor spin bike / trainer workouts & Treadmill runs A LOT more exciting. The Sufferfest app puts you right in the middle of the action of professional races like the Tour De France ( for your bike workouts ) & The Beijing Marathon ( for running sessions ) on your favorite device which you can take anywhere you go.

The Tour ( TOS17 )

tour of sufferlandria 2017

The Sufferfest has been growing followers and faithful sufferlandrians now for 5 or 6 years from all around the world & have partnered up with The Davis Phinney Foundation For Parkinsons .This make believe “tour” from this “mythical nation” brings people together from all over the world to raise money for this great cause. At the time of writing this post ( the day before the tours start on 4th of Feb 2017 ) WE had already raised over $50000. Thats something truly amazing and Kudos to the team at The Sufferfest & everyone around the world involved in this awesome event.

What do i have to do to be involved?

So you can be involved in 2 ways. You can either ride like me & hundreds of my other fellow sufferlandrians are doing or you can just simply donate to one of the riders. Either way is fine. To donate now you can go here.

What is the Tour all about.

Essentially what you do is jump on your bike trainer for 9 straight days of glorious suffering and try to get your friends to donate as much money as possible. Here are what some of the stages are all about.

the circle of suffering from the sufferfest

This is “The Circle Of Suffering” & it shows in one diagram all the stages you will be suffering through. What The Sufferfest offers is different videos of different lengths and intensities to suit your needs. If you only have 45 minutes to ride the the Video “Do As You’re Told” is possibly for you. If you need to do a professional grade warm up ( which i use before runs ) Then the 22 minute “Igniter” is for you. If you have more time then perhaps the 2.5 hour mashup of ” It Seemed Like Thin Air “ might be for you. The crazy beauty of The Tour is its 9 stages back to back of some of The Sufferfest’s most feared sessions.

Copied from the Davis Phinney Website :

The Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS) is the greatest grand tour of a mythical nation. Leave Couchlandria behind and join for you chance to win epic prizes while you suffer your way to glory!  

Each year the route takes riders through the most painful, miserable and agonizing regions of Sufferlandria. The ToS features an incredible prize list for those who donate to the Davis Phinney Foundation, beneficiary of the ToS, through our dedicated donation and fundraising page. Donate $10 to earn one chance in the prize pool. Donate $20 for two chances, and so on. If you are an overachiever, you can sign up to fundraise and collect donations from friends and family to increase your chances (Yes, every $10 you fundraise or donate will earn you more chances to win prizes).

I’m riding in the Tour of Sufferlandria to raise important funds for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s.  The Foundation’s mission is to help people with Parkinson’s to live well today.  To suffer is to make a difference!!

Help me support the Davis Phinney Foundation by making a donation. The process is fast, easy, and secure. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. It will benefit a great cause!

If you can’t make a donation at this point, help me reach my goal by sharing this page!

Thanks so much for your generosity.  Don’t get caught in the Couchlandrian abyss!  Join the suffering!

To donate now you can go here.

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