Running Seattle’s Discovery Park

If you’re staying in Seattle City Centre for a weekend or for a few days maybe on business or visiting family then Discovery Park is the closest place for you to get in a quick trail run. Discovery park is just about 6 miles from Pikes Market & the waterfront. Every year Im lucky enough to tag along with my wife as she heads to dinner at her CEO’s house. Her company ( A Place For Mom ) is based in Seattle & she travels there frequently for work.

We arrived in Seattle on Friday afternoon, had a few errands to run in town then had the dinner Friday evening. As I was headed back to Dallas Sunday morning we both agreed to get in our long runs early on Saturday. Jennifer is training for the Frisco Texas Big Star 13.1 Half marathon on April 15th but really dislikes bad weather so she opted to do her 9 mile run indoors on the hotel treadmill. We were staying in town at the Hyatt Olive 8 which is where she normally stays when she is in town.

rainy seattle weather

Whilst we were greeted with some sunshine on Friday this is what it looked like for Saturday morning as i quickly headed down to grab some Starbucks before grabbing an Uber to take me to Discovery Park. If you’re familiar with Seattle you know this is what the weather looks like for about 300 days a year. So if you want to do anything outdoors be sure to pack some rain gear.

Whilst it never really pours down in Seattle like it does in the Dallas area it somehow just stays wet in Seattle. Which is how it was on this particular run. It never really rained, it was just wet all the time. Some may call it mist, others may call it a light drizzle. I call it Seattle.

Here is everything I packed for the run.

packing for a rainy day run

On top of the fact it was going to be wet, it was also going to be 40-50 degrees so packed some goodies like gloves, long sleeve and beanie to keep warm. I also packed my Salomon Bonatti WP Jacket which is great when its coming down. Some other items were my Trail Toes, New Balance Leadville V3 trail shoes ( love them ) Gu’s, Trail mix ( never used ), Nuun electrolyte drink, gloves, water bottles, Orange Mud Hydration backpack, Salomon EXO Skin Trail Shorts, Injinji socks and of course my Frisco Running Club 2017 shirt.

There almost wasn’t any space for clothes 🙂

Thanks to The Ginger Runner on Twitter he put me in touch with a local running store called 7 Hills Running Shop. I don’t know my way around Seattle so hooking up with some runners was key to finding a good trail to run on.

twitter ginger runner exchange

Thanks to Phil & his Saturday morning run group for showing me around these amazing trails.

7 Hills is a trail specific shop and the biggest variety of trail running shoes I’ve seen in one place.

7 hills running store

Discovery Park Trail System.

The Address for Discovery park is . Its open every day, even when it rains 🙂 because I always tell people if you live in Seattle and wait to go outdoors when its sunny, you’re going to have a long wait. Its normally wet in Seattle but people still go outdoors, it really is quite amazing & awesome.

Its a great place to run. Park at the running store and say hi to Phil. Or the park has public parking as well.

As you can see i named the run ” an ode to cross timbers as all my buddies were back in Texas running a local race i loved called Cross Timbers. If you want to experience any sort of elevation in North Texas you have 2 options really. You can head to Cedar Ridge Preserve ( CRP ) or you can drive out to Cross Timbers trail. I was missing the race this year so decided to have my own little “race” and committed to a big effort run in Seattle.

This really great Doarama shows just how up and down and all around the trail was. The first hour I stuck with the running group and they really pushed the pace. I averaged a HR of over 160 for the first hour just trying to keep up with them but allowed it to drop back into the normal 140’s once they all headed back to the shop.

The elevation is something special with Discovery Park. Its constantly up and down and its steep as well. there are numerous areas with lots of stairs so that always gets the quads burning.

discovery park seattle elevation graph

Coming up from the beach there at mile 4 thats almost a gain of 400ft. That may not sound much till I say that the total elevation gain of my local 10 mile trail back in Frisco Texas is 400ft give or take. That really gets the quads screaming.

This was an absolutely incredible run. My calves behaved themselves and whilst I felt some fatigue they never got to the point of pain or injury. I am working more now on strengthening my calf muscles every day. Its an obvious issue but the Magnesium / Potassium / Calcium supplement I’m taking may also be a reason I’m able to get through these runs injury free.

I found this neat little video someone made of the Discovery Park trail which gives you a good idea of what to expect.

The trail was gorgeous. Huge hundred year old trees with inch thick moss made for some really pretty zen moments.

seattle discovery park trees

Overall I had an absolutely awesome day out on the trails. My new Keto inspired diet ( low carb 15%, fat 45% & protein 40% ) doesn’t seem to be having any negative effects and over all the run went great. Whilst I was sore for a few days after the run thats quite normal & by Tuesday I was back on the spin bike and later that day felt completely recovered. If I’m ever back in Seattle & need to get in some trail miles this for sure will be the place I go to. The Uber ride was about $13 each way and took about 20 minutes.

After getting back it was time for Pizza & Wine. First we hit up Serious Pie which is a small Seattle based franchise.

serious pie seattle

It was delicious & just what the doctor ordered after a couple long runs. We then hit a local wine bar / boutique called 6th Street Wine Sellar for some wine tasting.

6th street wine sellar

A couple more fun things we did while walking around Seattle was try out the Starbucks Reserve store. Wow that was quite an experience. The place was huge & it was packed. It looked like they had a full bistro style atmosphere and served not only fancy reserve coffee but also alcohol. It was crazy.

starbucks reserve seattle starbucks reserve seattle  starbucks reserve seattle starbucks reserve seattle

The place was insane & if your’e a coffee lover then you must go there one day. Jennifer about shat herself when i ordered my to-go coffee and saw it was $8.44 lol . It was yummy.

starbucks reserve to-go cups

Then before we finished up the evening our hosts for Saturday night were shocked we had never see “The Troll”. We were like WTF is “The Troll” so they directed the driver to head off to see The Troll under the bridge, also known as the Fremont Troll.

the fremont troll seattle

I really do love traveling & even going to cities like Seattle are super fun. Or at least as fun as you make it. Just one week of heavy training left & i will be ready for “race to the sun Hawaii” so look for updates on my trip to Hawaii in March. I look forward to telling you all about it when i get back.

Thanks for reading and please share it about with your friends. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please leave them below.

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