Race to the sun Hawaii style.

Imagine running up the side of a volcano! a 20 mile journey climbing 6000ft of vertical elevation! That sounds like a terrible idea. What time do we start?

I don’t know what is wrong with me. These horrible / amazing ideas always sound awesome to me…..

The volcano, luckily is dormant. In fact its the largest dormant volcano on the planet. Its Mt Haleakala in Maui Hawaii & I’m hoping to be able to run up it. I was up it once before. It was the day I got engaged to my beautiful wife & is the location where I popped the question. Aren’t I romantic? Yes, sunrise at the top of a mountain.

As you know the last few months I’ve been struggling with a few injuries. Namely my foot & my calf. All healed up now ( lets hope so ) its time to focus on something new & crazy. This time its Mt Haleakala & if all goes well I will attempt to run up it in early March. You see I’m lucky enough to have a wife that is Uber successful in her job & she is taking her sales team to Maui ( again ) in March for their top performers trip. luckily for me get to tag along. The only thing still up in the air is a babysitter. We have 2 little kids who will need to be taken to and picked up from school for the 2 days before spring break starts. If we can’t manage the pickup & drop off unfortunately I wont be able to go. But for now I’m not concentrating on that, I’m just getting the training done.

Race To The Sun is actually nothing new. There used to be a race called Race To The Sun which was started in 1977 ( thats funny, the year i was born ) which hasn’t been run now in a few years. Its actually a 36 mile race which starts at the beach and goes up the same route with a total of 36 miles and 10000 ft of gain. Thats a little to much for me to take on now but I figure 20 miles & 6K is plenty and will give me some bragging rights.

race to the sun

I think HURT ( Hawaii Ultra Running Team ) are trying to start the event back up.

Thats the full course from the beach. I will not be doing the section on Pulehu road. I’m just hitting the steep squiggly part.

This is what it looks like from the side.

Im looking to run the section from about the 15 mile mark to the top. Looks fun right? Ive started training in the hopes this all works out. 3 essential things I’m doing are:

A: Riding my bike a lot. Biking is a great way to build quad & glute strength See Tour Of Sufferlandria

B: Treadmill running. My treadmill gives a me endless amounts of 6% incline. IN fact as much as i want.

C: Time on my feet. Apart from standing at my desk for most of the day I’m also enjoying nice long runs of 2-4 hours.

Stuck here in Texas there isn’t much in the way of mountains, or even elevation to speak of so you have to be creative with your training.

trail running maui

Oh yeah, remember this picture from the last time i was running in Maui? Its from the Lahaina Pali Trail. Thats Haleakala in the distance..cant wait to head back.

Brandon its up to you now, help us out and play chauffeur to my girls for a couple days so i can tick this off my bucket list bud.

Anyway, lets hope we can make it work, it will be utterly amazing. Thanks for stopping by and taking a quick read. Leave your name below in the comments section so i know who stopped by.