R2R2R by George L Hammar IV ( At Night )

Hello everyone, this is a few days late, but I completed the Grand Canyon R2R2R run two days ago! The trails were traversable and all water stations were fully operational. Here is a brief description of the run/ power hike… I started at 6 pm on the 27th and ran down South Rim on the South Kaibab Trail. 5-6,000 feet of descent later, I crossed the Black Bridge which spans the Colorado River about 40 minutes prior to sunset. Then I headed to Phantom Ranch to the North Rim on the North Kaibab trail. I covered the first 10 miles fairly quickly and slowed down as night fell in the Canyon. About 1 am, I made it to the North Rim having run about 21 miles (Garmin lost signal several times in the canyon). I quickly refilled my Camelback with water, at a park water filling station, and headed back towards Bright Angel Trail and the south rim. By 6 am I had passed through the Phantom Ranch again and headed up Bright Angel completing the run shortly before 11 am on the 28th. As for gear, I carried about 4,000 calories of gels, Cliff Bars, Nuun tablets and Honey Stingers, I packed a standard emergency kit (emergency blanket, fire starter, first aid, etc) two liter water pack, light wight jacket, buff, boonie hat and a pair of gloves. On the North Rim by midnight the temps were in the low 40s and wind chill was probably in the 30s, so I was glad to have the warmer gear. Since most of the run was at night I wore a Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp and a backup with extra batteries, as well as, a hand held First Light Tomahawk. I used Leki Trekking poles and it was a huge help throughout the run. While it wasn’t easy, I loved every minute and took my time.

Grand Canyon R2R2R-1 Grand Canyon R2R2R-2 Grand Canyon R2R2R-3 Grand Canyon R2R2R-4 Grand Canyon R2R2R-5 Grand Canyon R2R2R-6 Grand Canyon R2R2R-7 Grand Canyon R2R2R-8 Grand Canyon R2R2R

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