Northwest community Frisco trails.

The Frisco trails are basically my back yard. Less than 3 miles from my house straight up Teel. You can’t miss the Frisco water tower behind Eldorado high school that also overlooks these trails.

A fairly new trail system ( 5 years old ) set up by local members of Dorba spearheaded by Bill Woodward.

Considering this is surrounded by houses and local schools it’s a pretty neat little spot. Squished into a 10 acre piece of land borrowed to us by the city of Frisco.

The basics

Please don’t use these trails when its been raining & the sign says “CLOSED”.

closed means closed

You can find updated trail conditions before you leave home at ( they also have an app ) or on the Community Trail Facebook page.

The trails now consist of 5 very well marked single track and the local residents do an amazing job keeping the trail in tip top condition..

Over the years we’ve got better and better facilities. Our trail head now has a gravel parking lot, picnic tables, solar powered lights and a porter potty. The city comes regularly and sends their mowing crew along the trails with its mowers. As many of you may know trails need a lot of TLC and the guys and gals from Dorba ( locals ) can be seen out there regularly giving it the much needed attention it deserves.

The trail

Going around clockwise as a runner

If you’re running the trail you head out clockwise ( left ) up the trail from the trail head along The Ranger Loop. All the added trail sections spawn off of ranger loop. So if you’re ever lost just get back to ranger and it’s easy to get back to the trail head. Due to an accident a few years ago where a young girl lost her life falling off her bike there is now also a fire road around the trail accessible by ambulance and fire crews in case of any emergencies! ( note: it was a freak accident & these trails are not by any means dangerous )


Ranger loop is a 2.2 mile ( easy ) outer loop that basically hugs the fence line around the outside of the property. It has the main first hill climb at the start and then at the end a decline back to the trail head known as Spartan hill.. I heard someone mention the loop names are associated with the high school mascots in Frisco. Ranger has a lot of good flat trail which can be used for speed work as well.

ranger loop trail frisco tx

Red Hawk

Redhawk is the first offshoot from the ranger trail and is considered an intermediate trail. On Redhawk you will also find much of the elevation the Frisco trail has to offer you. Although there really isn’t much elevation change  this is where you will find it if it’s elevation you’re looking for. ( update : Redhawk has now been extended to be around 3 miles long ) This trail also ventures out into one of the open fields and past one of the few ponds on the property.  Redhawk has a good mix of hills, fast downhills and turns to keep you on your toes.

redhawk loop frisco trail


You’ll be back on ranger for a few minutes before you head to raccoon loop. Raccoon is home to the best views on this trail at sunrise. So if you can brace the early morning cobwebs or have a friend dumb enough ( or inexperienced enough ) to take the lead be sure not to skip raccoon. Raccoon is a short 1 mile section with a bit of elevation but lots of twists and turns. Raccoon is also the only trail on the “outside” of ranger so you’ll head left when you hit it instead of right like all the other internal loops!

raccoon loop frisco trail


Coyote is also one of the newer loops. There is very little time on coyote to really open up and fly. It’s more of a grind to get through. Slow and painful pretty much sums it up. In a good way though. It’s a good challenging loop.

coyote loop frisco trail


Wolverine is the last loop in the layout. This loop has some sweeping fast sections and some slow climbers. Watch out for roots on this loop! Wolverine is the last loop before you jump back onto Ranger and head back down Spartan hill and back to the trail head.

wolverine loop frisco trail

Here is what all the trails look like together.

northwest community multiuse trails

These trails are not just for runners, hikers, walkers & bikers enjoy these trails as well. You can find regular condition updates on the Northwest community trails facebook page & as well.

Sunrise on Raccoon Loop

sunrise on raccoon

Thanks for reading through about our local beautiful trail. please share with your friends & let us know what you think below. Have you run or biked this trail before. Id love to hear about your experience.

Jason, the slow african.