North Texas Trails

North Texas Trails

One of my biggest revelations in life has been just how many trails we have here in North Texas. For years i lived here oblivious to what was right in my back yard.

Now to be clear there are different classifications of trails.

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In North Texas we have 2 very distinct different types of trails.

Dirt Single Track Trails.

Mountain biking is quite prevalent in this area & major props goes to a local group called Dorba ( Dallas off-road bicycle association ) & they along with ACOE ( Army Core Of Engineers ) look after & maintain many of the local area Mountain Biking / Hiking / Running Trails.

Concrete Neighborhood Trails.

Walking neighborhood sidewalk trails are also quite common and found in many neighborhoods. These are used often by people just looking to head out for a morning run or to walk the dogs etc.

On this website I’m hoping to document at least all of the dirt trails through video, images or writing. To read or see more about the trails Ive already completed click on the links below.

The List :

If I’ve missed some trails & you would like to see it on this list please leave me a comment below. I would love to go out and tackle it.