You Only Need To Run 3 Days A Week To Crush Your Goals!

Im a huge fan of the 3 day a week running plan. Ive been implementing it in my own life for the last 18 months now & I’ve accomplished a few pretty awesome things while doing it. Its 100% worked in my own life so I’d love to share it with all of you.

Now the 3 day a week plan isn’t something new. Many studies have been performed on its benefits. This is merely my take on the existing system & how its working for me.

Now in saying that I get that everyone is different. Some people can get in 6 or 7 runs a week. Some people can even do it injury free. For me this was never the case. I had to figure something out that would push me physically & mentally but would also keep my old knee joints happy.

In the last year Ive not only finished 7 or more Half marathons ( 13.1 miles ) , I’ve finished numerous Full Marathon runs ( 26.2 Miles ) & even a few Ultra marathons ( Longer than 26.2 miles ). This all accomplished on only 3 runs spread out over a week.

Ive broken it up into different phases. Different people could be in different phases of their training & this way you could select a phase thats right for you. For example just getting off the couch you could jump right into phase 1 which only has 3 easy runs in a week & that will get you on the road to healthy living. To get started on Phase 1 I would suggest you can comfortably finish a 3 mile run without stopping to many times. Don’t worry about speed / pace in this phase. The goal here is to just finish & not be to worried about times or PR’s.

As you go through each phase you increase the amount of mileage, cross training and strength workouts which all lead to you being a better , faster runner.

Down the line I will even share some amazing little diet tricks which I’ve found works well for me.

If you’re interested in taking a look at the FREE Phase training 3 day a week system click here to get your first phase graphic.

PHASE 1 – RUNNING 3 DAYS A WEEK. Yes, lets do this.