Isle Du Bois / IDB

Isle Du Bois @ Lake Ray Roberts South Shore

Isle du bois is such a great trail. Its merely 19 miles north of my house in frisco Texas in Pilot Point Texas. Its probably one of my favorites in the area & there are a few reasons for that. There are few trails like this around. Its rocky, very rocky. In fact only the bravest of mountain bikers even attempt it. IDB is about 9.5 miles give or take. The damn GPS is never correct. On top of that it has about 800-900 ft of elevation gain which is a lot for this region. Frisco NW Community Trail only has about 400 ft. To get 1000 ft there i had to run it 3 times with over 27 miles. So to get anything near 1000 ft in 10 miles is pretty cool.

Cross Timbers is another trail that will dish out over 1000 ft gain for 10 ish miles. So adding the fact that IDB has some good climbing ( for N. Texas ) & the fact its very rocky ( technical ) its right up my alley with regards the mix of fun & challenging.

At present there are no running trail races at IDB. Endurance Buzz Adventures had the last race out here in December 2016 but have since closed down. I ran the 22 miles race that day and snuck in right under 4 hours. This is what the day looked like for me on Strava.

Video :

Please note its $7 per person to get into the park. Here is the Park Website for more details.

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