Injured again, 6 days to go!

So it’s 6 days out from my full marathon 26.2 mile Rough Creek Trail run in Glen Rose Texas! It’s Sunday morning and my training calendar calls for a 1-2 hour run with fast finish!

Yes I am tapering but considering I’m 6 days away from a 5 hour run, a 2 hour run seems quite easy. I’m planning to meet some beginner trail runners at a local trail and show them around the trails a bit! The pace will be slow and easy so no risk of injury, just going through the motions pretty much!

I’m half way through my 2 week taper and things are going well. I’ve come off 2 one hour runs during the week and this run should go well and perfectly as planned! That’s how it should of gone anyway!!

So I’m two miles in and start feeling some pain in my right calf muscle. I decide to keep running a bit more to see how it feels but at 3 miles I know this isn’t going to get any better. I managed to get back to the trail head at about 3.5 miles and I knew I had a pretty serious issue so decide to listen to my body and call it quits for the day! When I get home I use my 110% compression calf sleeves and ice it for about an hour! I also apply my TENS 3000 electric therapy unit.

That was Sunday, 6 days to race day! On Monday I contact my buddie Shane Hernandez who is a local runner, triathlete & physical therapist! I schedule an appointment first thing Tuesday morning to see what we can do about getting me ready for race day next Saturday!

6:20am Tuesday! 4 Days to go!

Calf pain / tightness is still there. Been walking with a limp now for 2 days. Been using compression and ice the whole time. I even used the Tens 3000 unit last light to help with the recovery. Today at 8:30 is my appointment with my physical therapist! I’m hoping he will be doing some Gua Sha scraping on my calf so I can run on Saturday!

This is what my shoulder looks like after I get it done!

gua sha scraping
I struggled to go to sleep last night. I was pondering what was worse, a DNS ( did not start ) or a DNF ( did not finish )…

After I’m up & walking around a bit I feel my calf is a bit looser than it was last night and some of the stiffness has definately gone! At 8:30 I’m at my appointment to see Shane at his ” new ” offices in McKinney. That’s awesome, his initial office in Frisco got so busy he now has a second office closer to his home in McKinney. He mentions to me he is opening a 3rd in Allen Tx near Waters Creek. I’m super excited for him that he is doing so well!
So we get into the scraping on my calf muscle and see the pain is right in the Belly of the calf! That’s the red part of the muscle you always see in pics. Its the meaty part Zombies would go for if they’re chasing you. It’s not down near the Achilles’ tendon which is a relief! Shane explains to me it’s a micro tear and could be due to fatigue and weakness of the calf muscle! Shane asked me if I was planning on running and I was like “hell yeah I’m running.” I probably won’t run if there is any pain or discomfort still on Friday before the race. If I’m pain free and can stretch, then I will run! C’mon it’s only 5 hours 😜.
So the plan of action is as follows to get myself race ready by Saturday morning!

A: apply Kinisiology tape immidietly. 

The stuff comes in Orange, I just had to buy it!!

KT Tape example of calf strain taping

B: apply ice & compression tonight ( Tuesday ) 

C: start rolling out calf muscle with “stick” every day without inflicting “pain”.

KT Tape & foam roller

D: start passive stretching ( no body weight ) without inflicting any pain.

E: Go to scheduled massage this afternoon.

The plan for Wednesday is to wear KT Tape for the next 2 days & then if there is still pain on Thursday to try some dry needling! This apparently is the process of acupuncture where they stick needles into your affected muscle area and then run an electric current through them. That’s sounds like fun! Anyway, if it comes to that then that’s what we are doing on Thursday!

Going forward!

I spoke to Shane for a long time about how I can make sure this doesn’t happen again and he gave me some really good advice on what he thinks I should be doing on a daily and weekly basis to help strengthen my lower legs.

1: calf drops or calf lowering he said is the best thing he said I can do to gain more flexibility in my ankles but to also strengthen my calf muscles for running! He gave me a regiment of what I should be doing after race weekend.

I also asked him about my knee issues. As you may know I normally have ITB issues but currently am struggling with some runners knee! That’s a situation where your patella tendon slides over to the side and the knee cap rubs on the femur head!! Fun right, I’m falling apart! Anyway Shane recommended some single leg floor touches!

Wednesday 14th of September.

3 days to go!

Wake up 5:02 am. I still have some stiffness in my calf. I’m going to go do some upper body strength work upstairs in my home gym and do some minor flexibility work on my legs! I want to see what it feels like after a warm up.

5pm : gone through the day with a fair amount of stiffness and some soreness.. Probably going to have to do the dry needling tomorrow!

Thursday the 15th

2 days to go!!!

Woke up Thursday morning and the calf pain, stiffness and discomfort hasn’t reall  subsided. It did however feel quite a bit better than previous day’s going up and down the stairs inside my house chasing after the kids to get the ready for school.

I wasn’t able to get in for the dry needling due to the fact that at PT’s you need to be referred by a doctor! So I decided today to head into Fusion Chiropractic for some more Gua Sha scraping and bashing as a last resort with Nic & Dr Trevin Fugere. I’ve been amazed with Gua Sha scraping and its pain relief abilities and not quite sure why I didn’t do this on Tuesday!

Nic from Fusion Chiropractic doing a massage
The scraping went amazingly well and Trevin took some blood and urine as well to see if there is anything going on in my blood and he also wants to look at my lactic acid and C protein levels. No Idea what any of that really means but let’s see what comes of it!

Trevin recommended no ice any further till after the race as he wants blood flow to the affected muscles. He also recommended some light rolling and wants to see me back Friday morning for some more “bashing” as he so elequintly put it 😬
Friday 16th of September

1 day to go

So last night while watching TV, I rolled the legs a bit with “the stick” nothing to crazy. I would have to say the leg is feeling quite a bit better today. I’ve had DBL compression on since yesterday & heading back to Fusion Chiro now again to get some more treatment. I also popped a few Advil this morning to try help with any inflammation.
I’m thinking of going out to the race regardless and walking the first few miles to get a good proper warm up going then trying to run and see how it feels..
We started off today’s session wth some electric stim therapy!! Buzz buzz

Electric Stimulation therapy

After this Nic took me in for some nice gentle massage and trigger point. I walked out feeling quite good. Brian ( one of the assistant chiropractors ) took me and and bashed the crap out of the muscle with ” the stick”. It was so painful I actually started sweating!!!

He suggested I really start foam rolling but take some Vicodin before hand!! 😜.

After than its some acupuncture .

calf muscle acupuncture
This site has been a tipsy turbo week… Oh I forgot to tell you it’s now supposed to rain tomorrow!!!!😂🤕😡

Dammit people, it’s a 2 hour drive down there.

So here we are, Friday afternoon. Less than 24 hours to race start. Im going for it. Im going down there tomorrow morning and I’m going to get my shirt. After that its pretty much a mystery…just gonna line up at the start line and play it by ear…Ive never had a DNF or a DNS & I’m not about to start.

A friend of mine on Instagram @puravida has a great tag line. DEATH BEFORE DNF  so taking a bit of inspiration & madness from you Leslie..


I think this post is long enough now. If you’ve made it this far fuck me, haven’t you got anything better to do with your time. Just kidding, thanks for reading. I appreciate your support. Fingers crossed this goes well tomorrow as i have dropped my expectations down from a sub 5 hour to literally just finishing..

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