Finding Form After Cricket


So here we are now. I am midway through 2017. Im starting to really ramp up on and finding way to monetize my site. Im looking for ways to visit & document all the trails in North Texas. I don’t mind if its dirt or concrete city trails. I recently ran a home made Ultra Marathon from Dallas Texas back home to Frisco Texas. #dallas2frisco which was fun & enlightening.

#dallas2frisco ultramarathon

I also have this exciting new logo for the business.

Ive done over 1000 miles on the bike so far this year and almost at 500 miles on the run. Training has been going so well I’m really excited for the rest of the year. Coming up in June i have Judgement day ( DORBA ). Thats a local bike event where you ride 9 different Dallas area mountain bike trails all on the same day. Its a 60 mile journey & thats not including all the driving in between trails. So its a long day. to put it in perspective. If its an hour ride on each trail plus an hour drive between them then thats an 18 hour day of riding right there.. fun times.

100k January 2018

Im still working towards the 100k at Bandera in January for my Western States  ’19 lottery ticket. Ive run a couple Ultra’s now in the last 2 months & have a lot of work to do to get there. Fingers crossed I stay healthy & fit.


So here goes. “Whats going on?” you may ask yourself. Well here it is. For the last 6 years i’ve been working on Cricket Store Online. Thats pretty much consumed me and from nothing I built one of the biggest online cricket ( the sport with the paddle ) stores in N. America if not the world! ( ) I pretty much pioneered cricket gear reviews on YouTube ( click here )with now over 800 video reviews & over 5 Million YouTube views. I started a successful blog at which was also a huge traffic driving source to my online store. On the social media front i have one of the largest Facebook followings out of any online cricket store in the world now with over 30k followers, another 10k on Instagram and also about 8k+ on Twitter. All of this had led to over 10K orders on the website to over 35 different countries and an email newsletter list going out to over 11K readers weekly.

So, thats what i’ve been doing for the last 6 years of my life work wise.

On top of that i’ve started the most amazing family. Ive also met some absolutely amazing people from all over the world. Completed an Ironman triathlon, got injured, got fat and got fit again whilst finding my love for running. In this blog i’m going to be talking about all the fun & exciting things i ( & my family ) will be doing instead of thinking about my cricket business which i hope to be passing on to someone else as soon as possible.


This blog will be talking about my new consulting venture where i hope to help small businesses learn all the valuable insights i’ve learned about over the last 6 years. Share with people my love for running & outdoor life & whatever else comes along. Oh, how could i forget, and my love of all things wine 🙂

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Thanks for reading & being a part of my life.

Cheers, Jason.