Cross Timbers

Cross Timbers

All Trails has some really great information on this trail but here are some of my thoughts on it. Some of these images are taken from the All Trails website.

The last time i went out for a training run i stuck my GoPro on my head & came out with some good video. Its such an awesome trail.

Social Runs

Ive never run the full trail & maybe this summer i will do the full 24 miles. Here are a few of my shorter runs.

cross timbers trail run

Here is another. This one i ran with some friends Ed & Shaun.

As you can see the pace is super slow & thats due to the terrain. There isn’t much flat easy runnable terrain. The ups & downs come thick & fast. They’re also quite steep. Only the best runners go quickly over this terrain. The first half of the 24 miles is where the steep stuff is. Ive heard from other runners that the 2nd half is a little easier & i look forward to the challenge.


Now  if you’re competitive in any way you’re going to want to race Cross Timbers. Every February The Active Joe put on The Toughest Little Trail Race in Texas. The race has now been run 36 times. Its a great little race & I’ve been lucky to run it once before. As I’m hoping to run Bandera 100k in January i may be up for it again in February 2018.

This is what my race looked like in February 2016.

I would recommend everyone do this trail. It was my first trail race & its really hard. Its an awesome gauge to bring you down to earth which lets you know you’re not as awesome as you think you are. Thats always a good thing. Another amazingly hard trail is Isle Du Bois, to read about it click here.


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