Campion Trail – Las Colinas

Saturday June 10th 2017 we were invited along with some friends to go down to Las Colinas and have a little “Stay-Cation” with the Four Seasons Resort & Golf Club for the night. They were showing their house they’re selling & needed to get out of the house for the weekend. We decided to tag along.

I knew that the Campion Trail was somewhere close by so I jumped on strava to check out the lay of the land & find my route down to the trail system.

The Campion Trail.

In 2016 I ran the Wounded Warrior half marathon which was supposed to be on the trail system but due to heavy rains and some flooding the route was moved off the trail. I knew this year it would be on the same day I was running there so knew there was every chance I may actually see a few people I knew.

Here is my run data from my morning run.

campion trail las colinas

The run down to the trail was about a mile, crossed a few traffic lights and under the 114 highway.

campion trail las colinas

The Hangover Run.

It should be noted that my first 2 miles i was shaking off my hangover. Ive also been training under the 180 formula so my main focus was keeping my HR in the 140’s. It always takes me a couple miles to get my legs going and those first 2 x 9 minute miles showed that. Even though my HR was in the 120’s for those 2 miles & it was downhill I still had a hard time getting going. Luckily I can pretty well on a Red Wine hangover 🙂

campion trail las colinas

The Elevation

The trail itself is really flat and fast. It runs alongside the Elm Fork Trinity River & there is also an equestrian route. Its a run & bike route & is frequently used for Triathlon & run training. The downside for “training” is I guess just how “easy” this route is. On the day there was little to no humidity, a nice gentle breeze & there is loads of shade on the trail. A great trail for family bike outings etc. I would highly recommend this route to everyone. There are numerous spots with toilets etc as well.

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