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Websites & Social Media! Its All A Big Fat Lie!!

websites & social media

Ive been in the online retail industry since 2010. Ive built websites & social media pages. In that time I’ve learned a lot about how “the business” works. This business is all a big fat lie and I’m here to tell you all about it. Hopefully this sheds some light on how things work, and YOU think twice before starting up your new business.

Its not all doom & gloom though, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read on.

Template Websites.

Ive seen loads of ads from companies online who sell website templates. These template sights are great for new businesses. I mean who has the time or budget to hire a company to design a website from scratch. Not many I know of. It could cost you upwards of $10 000 to set up a new website. Then there are these companies like Wix & Big Commerce who sell a thing called a template site. A template site is a pre made site thats ready to go. All you need to do is add your products and you’re off, ready to start selling. Big Commerce & Wix make bold claims on how easy it is to design your new website, set it up & start processing orders in just minutes. Doesn’t that just sound great?

These companies will boast on how awesome their SEO ( thats search engine optimization, we will get to that later ) is and you will be found by millions of people on Google & Bing. Im here to tell you, I’m sorry. You’re site won’t be found by millions  of people. It probably won’t even be found by 10 people.

To be found by the masses you’re going to need a few things.

A: Strong SEO.

B: A PPC campaign.

C: A strong Social Media following.

D: An Email Marketing list of more than 10 email addresses.

E: A website that converts.

None of these Items are covered in your website template.

Social Media.

typical Facebook ad image

Im sure you’ve all seen an ad just like this one above. Get on Facebook, reach or sell to 1 billion customers etc. Here is where you need to think about this a little. Facebook are trying to tell you that your product or service is so amazing that they have 1 billion people who might be interested in it. Do you think customers in Nepal, India, Pakistan & people in  deepest darkest Africa are looking for your product? There are a couple other things wrong with that ad. ( dedicated 24/7 support ) What is that. Have you ever seen a Facebook toll free number or customer support email address anywhere? No i don’t think so & NO HIDDEN FEES..haha that may be the funniest one. How do you think you are going to reach those 1 billion people? Yes you guessed it. You’re going to have to reach for your Credit Card. Reaching those 1 billion people is going to cost you 1 Billion Dollars. Wait what?

I have several customers right now I’m working with and the biggest shock to their system is when they find out merely setting up the website won’t bring in the customers. Connecting a Social media profile won’t get my page 1 million followers or Likes. Orders won’t be flying out the door and the inventory they’ve just invested in will probably just sit there collecting dust. Its not just Facebook thats this bad. Twitter, Instagram etc are all the same. At times you may pay Facebook to get you more “likes”. Likes are people who Like your page, products or the services you offer. So you give Facebook $1 to get 1 person to like your page. Sadly the next day that person could decide they no longer like what your selling and they Unlike your page. Don’t think Facebook is giving you your $1 back. No sir.

Email Marketing.

Email marketing is an amazing tool to use. One of the reasons its better than social media for example is that you actually own the persons data and email address. Its that advantage you have using Email Marketing over Social Media because on social media Facebook owns the persons data and they don’t even share that users email address with you. Facebook then filters your posts and people who follow you may never see any of your posts. With email marketing every single newsletter will reach your customers inbox. Here is the catch though!

The Catch!

You don’t have any email addresses in your email newsletter list yet?

So What Should You Do?

Well don’t worry, we have a plan. I built my website up slowly over 6 years. Delivered 10’s of thousands of orders. Had over 2.5 million visitors to my website. Published content to over 100 000 social media followers and even produced over 800 videos on YouTube which had over 5 Million views.

What i want you to take from this article is these mediums are there to work for YOU. Its going to take a lot of time and effort but its possible to make sense of all this. One day at a time you need to work, and you need to work hard.

If you would be willing to work with me together we would work on the following.

1: Grow your social media following.

2: Grow your company & brand to new heights.

3: Collect email addresses from different places including people who visit your website.

4: Better understand things like SEO & SEM and how they drive traffic to your website.

5: Once people are on your site, how do we convert them into customers.

6: Pinpoint the best way to drive people to your website and away from competitors.

If you are interested in me taking a look at your website and giving you some honest feedback, please fill out the form below.