Email Marketing

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Over the last 10 years it feels like I’ve sent thousands of emails to potential clients & customers. Ive learned a lot about email marketing from sending all these emails. Ive learned as well there is no perfect time to send emails. There is no perfect layout for emails. There is no perfect segmentation. There is no perfect format.

What Ive learned

What Ive learned from my time in E-Commerce which also relates to my running career ( if you can call it that ) is that not everything is the same for everyone. For some people after long runs ICE baths work well but for others warm Epson Salt baths work best for aching muscles. Some people can run 7 days a week and log a 100 miles, others like me struggle to get in 3 runs and 20 miles on good weeks without injury or aches and pains.

In the same way sending an email to your customers at 10am or 2pm on Tuesday might work for some of your customers but wont work for all of them. With Email Marketing a lot like Social Media you have to get to know your customers needs & wants & cater to their needs.

I have friends with 25000 un-opened emails, do you really think they are opening your newsletters? No, i don’t think so. An email feed, a lot like a Twitter or Facebook feed can get very cluttered & its important to try be at the top of their new emails page when they check their email. Some companies like Staples will send you an email every day, for most companies this is probably to much. Kudos however go to Staples as their email captions are super catchy and its hard not to notice their new email thats arrived.


With our email marketing strategy we work on figuring out what works best for you & your clients who have trusted you with their personal information & email address. Some clients can manage daily emails, some weekly and others monthly. What we also like to do depending on the client is see if we can use different methods into enticing the client to visit your site. Meaning one day we send them information only like posts from your blog. ( you have a blog right? ) The next email we offer some discount coupons and then another we add a video or we simply show them some of our products we have available. This gives your clients the feeling like you are offering them value by being signed up to your emails & you’re not just spamming them with deals and offers.

Split Testing

Split testing also known as A/B Testing is when you send out one batch of newsletters but you segment the send. One portion of your customers see one thing and the rest see something completely OR slightly different. We then look at the data to see which group responded best to which email & we use that data to further hone or skills and future email campaigns.

Email Newsletter Open Rates

The open rate for an email newsletter will vary from business to business & industry to industry. In my previous E-Commerce business that i sold after running it for 6 years had over 10000 addresses on its list & an open rate of over 50%. In the sporting goods industry the open rate is normally around 28% so thats extremely high. We can figure out whats your “sweet spot ” & make sure Email works FOR you & your business.

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