IN 2010 Jason started his own business in online retail of sporting goods in the very niche market of Cricket. No not the mobile phone company! Cricket the sport. In the time between 2010 and when he sold the business on in late 2016 he used skills learned on the job in marketing to grow the brand up from nothing to the biggest online cricket store in North America.

Jason mastered the skills of email marketing, SEO ( search engine optimization ) , blogging, Social media, customer service and video via youtube.

Jason’s style of working with you is very focussed on whats important to every client. Driving traffic to your website & converting traffic once its there.

Through his website he grew his email marketing list to over 11K email addresses & enjoyed an open rate unheard of in most industries of over 40%.

On social media he grew his 1st page ( cricket store online ) to over 30K fans. In 2012 he started his own private label brand & grew its following to over 8K. On twitter and Instagram he entertained over 20K followers.

Jason excelled in Video creation & product reviews. He pioneered the space of video reviewing cricket related products for his online customers around the world and published over 800 product reviews and had over 9K subscribers on his youtube channel. Jason’s youtube channel had over 5 Million views.

Jason also created a separate blog on which he posted weekly and had on it over 400 articles which drove traffic to his main website.

All in all Jason drove 2 683 254 unique visitors to his website from 2010 to 2016. Everything we’ve ever learnt comes from real world experience and we don’t do anything thats a waste of time or won’t drive direct traffic to your targeted landing pages.

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