Bonnie Wenk Park Texas

Sometimes you have to make your local parks a little more fun. Thanks to Strava you can turn any boring old friendly local city park trail into the Indianapolis Speedway or Monaco GP circuit. Yip you guessed it the Frisco Running Club Time Trials are back. In the June 2017 edition we are visiting the quiet little city of McKinney Texas. Just next to ever expanding Frisco.

What Frisco Running Club is trying to achieve is to bring all forms of runners from social runners, competitive runners & even triathletes into one circle where they can all have some fun and see who can push themselves to the limits. Their race system is even age graded to the old timers can compete against the young bucks which kinda works like a handicap system.

To View the Age Grade Calculator & get your Age Grade Ranking Click here.

Here is the video explaining to you the full route. please watch so you don’t get lost or start your GPS in the wrong place.

Here are the details of my run & 1st attempt at the distance. Please note you have till June 20th to complete the route. Runners who come in after the 20th will not be eligible for prizes.

Here is the current leaderboard. Check back often for updates as this list will update as more people attempt it.

To see more information on other North Texas Trails check out this link.

Watch a video on the how to do a fitness test at your local track & head back monthly to track your fitness.


Please share this post with your friends who you think might be interested in running this route & logging their fastest time.