Phase training is a system Im continually developing & perfecting. Its designed for people like me. In my 20’s I didn’t do much exercise but once in my 30’s I wanted to be a weekend warrior. Knocking out triathlons like I was still a kid. Unfortunately this normally leads to injury. Once I reached my 40’s I finally figured out a system of healthy living with a balance of family, good times & injury free exercise. Oh & I’m 20 lbs lighter than i was a year ago.

In this series you will learn how to :

1: Run from 3 to 30 miles a week in only 3 runs per week.

2: Run & exercise injury free.

3: Lose weight whilst still eating a lot of your favorite foods.

4: Sleep much much better.

5: Recover from work outs far faster than you ever knew possible.

Come along, I’d love to share this with you.

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Video Transcription.


Hey everyone it is Jason here from Slow African and in today’s Phase One Training video I just wanted to welcome you guys to the program. We’ve had quite a few sign ups overnight and as this program is new I’m using this as learning experience for myself but I really want to pass on some of the great information that I picked up over the last two years.
I wanted to pass over to you guys and so we’re talking about phase one of the
three-day a week training and just wanted to give you some basic information on how this is going to work and how it’s working for me. And hopefully that can help you guys out. Now essentially you guys might be there
might be a couple of different mindsets out there right now and one of them
could be, how is this going to work? This sounds crazy! It’s definitely not
enough running. You know, people prescribe five, six days a week of running.

For me that just didn’t work ( due to injuries ) and so Monday’s on the Phase one training you’re looking at a rest day. And this will also later in the program be a recovery day so forget about recovery runs. I just found that my body just
can’t handle those. Now obviously for some people that works out really well
but for me, I found that an easy bike ride was just what i needed.  I have a spin bike that I use I jump on the spin bike for 30 to 45 minutes and just be like a hamster.

It’s just a real easy spin to get the blood flowing in the legs. I found that
that’s the best way for me to recover.  I recommend you guys trying that as
well because running the day after a Sunday Long Run  just didn’t work out very well for me. With regards now getting into let’s say for example you’re going to start your phase 1 run on a Tuesday.
it’s going to be an easy run and I just want you to start it out at about 3
miles. Now if you’re for example training for a 5k you want to just you know get off the couch and do a 5k then maybe you want to maybe only do 1k or 1 mile to start off. Really slow the great thing about this program is that it’s really scalable. You can for example you can use it up to 26 or 30 or 40 miles.  So for me to give you an example of how this is scalable. When I was doing my half marathon training I was only trying to do 20 miles a week and so what I could do is I could do a three mile run on the Tuesday, a four mile run on the Thursday, and then on Sundays I would do my long run. So that could be anywhere from five miles to make it whatever you want if
you want to do. A 20-mile run on the Sunday. You could do that for example.
Right now I’m doing what I’m trying to do thirty miles a week. So I’ve actually
built this up to thirty miles of running week and now that’s taken me quite a
long time but I’m doing 10 miles,  10 miles yesterday, Thursday I’m
going to do another 10 miles.  Sunday I’m going to do another 10 miles so
that’s 30 miles. In the past I’ve done five miles on Tuesday, five miles on
Thursday, 20-mile long run or even longer 25 or 26 miles on Sunday.

So you can really build it up to wherever you want it to be.  So as an example five 5k training could be one mile on Tuesday, one mile on Thursday, maybe two miles or three miles on Sunday. If you want to hit that 20 miles you could do three miles on Tuesday, four miles on Thursday, and 13 miles on Sunday.  It’s really scalable so getting back to the Tuesday run, Tuesday runs this in the beginning super easy one mile, three miles, five miles whatever that’s going to be and then down the line. We could, when we start progressing that could then be a speed workout or a tempo run. Or even a hill run or anything like that.

So we can we can build it up and change it up and make it really exciting. Then Wednesday is going to be a rest day and down the line once again we can get into the more advanced phases, Wednesday could be a twenty mile bike ride or fifty mile bike ride. Or a strength workout day. You know you’re working in the gym,

Thursday Rest Day.

As it’s a rest day and you want to rest your legs you could be doing upper body,  core or stuff like that. So that’s how the program is going to progress. Then Thursday once again in the beginning I just want you guys to get into running. So just do an easy one mile, two mile, three mile, four mile or five-mile run and then we can advance this work out to a hill workout or a fartlek run. Or if maybe Thursday’s your long day run such as they could be you along their run and so on. Friday we then go on to a rest day once again this is in the beginning take it easy don’t do anything especially if you’re just new running. But if you’re more advanced Friday can be once again it can be a long bike ride it can be a strength workout it could be a rest day.

Long Runs

Saturday or Sunday you’ll see in the plan that’s when you get to decide is it going to be a long run day is a Saturday morning it may be is it’s Saturday afternoon may be Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon. You get to pick when your long run is going to be. Generally speaking early is when we want this to be. Super easy easy meaning much slower. If you just go out on a three-mile run and you’re running a 9:30 pace your long run pace might be a 10:30 and 11:30 could even be a run walk so you run a mile walk a mile run a mile walk a mile. That’s a great way and we’ll work on that plan as we go along to introduce you to some great workouts and that’s it and then so if you’re doing a long run on a Sunday we then cycle around and Monday is your rest day and your recovery day so if you are doing your long run on the Sunday you want to maybe do see how you feel you really need to gauge how you feel I will be putting that a bunch more workouts and thanks

I’m very thankful that you guys signed up for this program I hope you’re going to enjoy it and please shoot me questions I’m going to be putting up some
alternative Tuesday workout alternative Thursday workouts and ways to spice up your long runs and keep yourself busy so if you have any suggestions for me please leave them below I’m looking forward to communicating with each and every single one of you please shoot me a message tell me what’s going on how you feel in if you’ve got sore feet sore calves I’ve got some great workout strength workouts and stuff that are really going to help you guys out with it so thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it please hit that like and subscribe button down below and I’d love you to share this program with all of your friends

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