Barber Hills – Paris Tx

Lets start with the address. What you’re looking for is County Road 35920 Paris Texas 75460. Now let me warn you its a bit of a drive from Frisco Tx but absolutely worth it. We are headed to Barber Hills – Paris TX. Here is a map to help give you a picture of where it is in relation to the DFW area.

map to barber hills trail

Myself and a friend Ed Mazur ( who had a day off work due to a bank holiday ) took a drive up there on a Friday along with our Man Bikes. Neither of us had ever been out there and due to some recent rain it was one of the very few trails that were actually even open. Always check the Dorba app to see trail status before heading out. We figured a morning Mtn Biking would be a fun way to spend some of the day. We were right!! It was absolutely fantastic. Our one regret was that we hadn’t planned a bit better as the almost 2 hour drive each way takes up a lot of the day and we could of run the trail as well to use up more time.

ed & I headed to Paris Tx

You want to look for this sign board & very small parking area before you go into the park gates. Its on the right hand side of the road & has a small parking area & entrance. Look for Sanders Cove.

trail sign board barber hills tx

Here is what the GPS Flyover of the trail looks like.

entrance to Sanders Cove

There are quite a few individual trails here and all can essentially be accessed from the main gate area. There is also a cool technical section for the more skilled.

Dogwood & Barber to the left & first 3 miles are the most technical & challenging with about 500ft of gain. The next 7 ish miles are a little flatter with only about 3oo ft of gain.

I found a cool video on Youtube which shows what the Lower Bedford section looks like on a bike at speed.

The trail breakdown is like this :




Buzzard Hollow


Upper Bedford

Inner loop

Lower Bedford

Bottom bracket

Deer Run

Easy Rider

The total mileage is about 10.5 miles, the scenery is gorgeous. You’re either deep in the trees or alongside the lake. Barber hills is an awesome escape from the suburban lifestyle and worth the drive.

As far as surface is concerned its not to technical like Isle Du Bois and is very runnable. On the first half though there is a fair amount of elevation which is the challenge out here. Not as much as Cedar Ridge preserve but probably more like North Shore West loop.

My recommendation is pack up for the day and enjoy yourself.

When you’re done just back on the main road enjoy some local BBQ in Paris TX before you head back.

Please let me know below if you’ve ever enjoyed this trail of what you think of these trail reviews.

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