7 trails in 7 days roundup! 

7 Trails in 7 days.

This is a round-up summary of my 7 trails in 7 days attempt. #7trails7days. If you’re familiar with me or my blog I have bad knees. If it’s not one thing it’s another! I normally really struggle to run on back to back days. So instead of running I plan on doing run/walks of 7 trails all within an hour of my house. ( Frisco Texas ) and really want to see if it’s something I can in fact do! The trick is really to go as slow as possible.

Day 1, Murrell park – Northshore Lake Grapevine East Loop.

Sunday, October 9th 2016

Northshore Lake Grapevine East Loop
Northshore Lake Grapevine East Loop

Today’s weather was perfect, 55 degrees, sunny and no wind. It really doesn’t get much better than that. The murrell park lake grapevine NorthShore trail is about a 40 minute drive from Frisco Texas and right near DFW airport! If you’re looking on your GPS look for Murrell park.

Today I tackled the east loop which is about 12 miles long and beginner friendly. The elavation is mostly quite flat with only about 222ft of gain!! Which is very little. I recently did a walk in Vegas at red rock canyon which was 4 miles and 1000 ft of gain. The single track here is very well marked with maps and sign posts through the route.

I would recommend this trail to any beginner runners or bikers. Its friendly and fast with some areas you may have to get off your bike and walk up. But besides that its a cool trail & one of my favorites.

Races : Xterra Rock Dallas with Terra Firma Racing.

Mileage to this point : 11.5 miles

Hours spent walking : 2hrs 43mins

Day 2, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.
Monday October 10th

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Arbor hills is a great little trail right in the middle of suburbia. Surrounded by houses and apartments you wouldn’t know it was even there. It has an outer hiking dirt trail & a Dorba mountain bike trail. Both are about 2.5 miles. Arbor hills also boasts a 2 mile concrete friendly walking trail.

Races : NONE

Mileage to this point : 16.5 miles

Hours spent walking : 4hrs 12mins


Day 3, Frisco Northwest Community Trails.

Tuesday October 11th

Frisco Northwest Community Trails
Frisco Northwest Community Trails

This Frisco Dorba trails are also tucked away just at the north of all the Frisco housing developments. At first it was just a 2.2 mile outer loop but now boasts just under 10 miles of single track. This is the trail closest to my house so is essentially my home turf.

One of the nice things about this trail is you can set your own distance. All the extra loops add to the main outer Ranger loop. Meaning if you just run Ranger you’ve got 2.2 miles. The extra loops are Redhawk, Titan, raccoon, cayote & wolverine. Each added loop adding about 1-2 miles to your overall distance. Doing all the loops consecutively give you just about 9.8 miles.
Races : NONE

Mileage to this point : 25.9 miles

Hours spent walking : 6hrs 45mins


Day 4, Erwin Park McKinney Texas.
Wednesday October 12th

Erwin Park McKinney Texas
Erwin Park McKinney Texas

Erwin Park, the next closest trail to my house essentially only has one loop. It’s around 8 miles now and is regularly used by bikers and runners. There isn’t much elevation but always seems to kick my ass.

Erwin Park has numerous Harder & Easier little sections built in and regularly hosts bike races.

Races : Unknown

Mileage to this point : 34.1 miles

Hours spent walking : 7hrs 44mins


Day 5, Isle Du Bois Lake Ray Hubbard State Park

Thursday October 13th

Isle Du Bois Lake Ray Hubbard State Park
Isle Du Bois Lake Ray Hubbard State Park

The beauty of this trail is that it isn’t over used. With it being about 40 minutes north of Frisco during the week it’s very very quiet. I was the only person on this trail and when I finished there was one other car in the parking lot. The only thing to keep me company was a group of pigs and pack of deer, including a beautiful stag with huge antlers..

One of the many challenges of the Isle Du Bois ( IDB ) trail is the varying terrain. There isnt much elevation ( 331ft in the 10 miles ) BUT you are faced with 3 different types of terrain. The first is the typical Texas hard packed dirt. Fast and relatively easy to run on. Then you get the soft beach type sand which can slow you down and easily get in your shoes. Lastly and the most challenging would be the rocks. There is at least 50% rock surface. It’s hard, technical and hard to run on. These are serious trip hazards and you have to concentrate super hard on where you are putting each step down. On a recent run here a friend tripped and broke his wrist. The problem is it’s mile after mile of this.

Races : Endurance Buzz Adventures December Ultra

Mileage to this point : 44.4 miles

Hours spent walking : 10hrs 33mins


Day 6, Knob Hills

Friday October 14th

Knob Hills
Knob Hills

Knob hills is a new trail for me. This was my first time out there. It’s about 45 minutes from Frisco and it’s off 35w and cross Timbers. The first 4 miles were flat and almost downhill. The trails here are extremely well marked & the trail stewards clearly have a sense of humor!


After you cruise through the first 4 miles of very runnable flat, wide soft packed dirt you start the elevation. On a bike you could cruise the first 4 miles probably at 20mph!  The remaining 9 miles have about 600 ft of gain but nothing to scary.

Races : January 2017 Ultra 13, 26 & 52

Mileage to this point : 56.8 miles

Hours spent walking : 13hrs 43mins

By Friday night i was pretty tired. Legs were sore and had a big blister on the inside of my big toe. Waking up 6am Saturday morning wasn’t going to be easy.


Day 7, Murrell park – Northshore Lake Grapevine West Loop.

Saturday October 15th

Northshore west loop is wicked. It’s one of the harder more challenging routes in North North Texas. Obviously trails like Cedar Ridge Preserve & others are harder BUT for us Northernites this is one of the more challenging.

Races : unknown

Mileage to this point : 65.6 miles ( the most miles ever in a week for me by foot )

Hours spent walking : 16hrs 07mins


I must say being finished there was certainly a sense of relief. It was a hard week. Not only all the walking but just the motivation to keep going. Part of what kept me going was the fun. I love trails and its a pity i don’t live in a place like Hawaii, Washington or Colorado where trails and elevation are plentiful. But over all completing my little “walkabout” was very rewarding. i got to hang out with some cool people and also experienced a trail ( knob hills ) for the first time.

I hope you all enjoyed this little journey with me and look forward to hanging out with you all in the near future. My next race is the Ragnar Hill Country TX this weekend & then potentially Big Cedarsaurus in November and IDB in December.

Cheers Y’all.


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