7 trails in 7 days. North Texas edition.

The fact of the matter is that believe it or not, we have a lot of dirt trails in North Texas. 7 trails in 7 days is an attempt by me to run 7 days in a row. A feat I’ve only ever done once before.

It was way back in about 2010 ( i don’t actually remember exactly ) but I tried to run 100 days straight. I made it to day 54. The distances were sometimes very weak doing 1 mile on a day to just say i did in fact get in a run. 7 trails in 7 days is a little different. This time i will be running about 65 miles in the 7 days and not injuring myself will be a big part of the challenge. Join me on the journey within the next month of running some of the best trails North Texas has to offer.

north texas trails

As you can see there are a lot of dirt trails in North Texas. This is a graphic compiled by Dorba.org the Dallas off-road bicycle association and more information about all these trails can be found on their website.

The 7 trails I’ve selected are within an hours drive of my house so it will be easier to get to them and they’re as follows.

1: Northshore Trail ( east loop )

north shore trails

For run #1 I will be running the east loop of North shore trails at lake grapevine. The distance starting out my week will be about 12.5 miles on this section. To follow long on my journey you can follow me on Instagram jason.mellet

I’m doing the East loop first as it’s a little easier than the West loop which is the more technical rocky side.


Mileage total after day 1 will be 12.5 miles

2: Arbor Hills 

arbor hills trail running

Run #2 will be Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. The cool thing about this run will be that there is not only a dora mountain bike trail to run ( which is tight & technical ) & about 2.2 miles but there is also a outer dirt loop which will add on about an extra 2 miles onto the distance bringing it up to somewhere between 4 & 5 miles )

Mileage total after day 2 about 17 miles.

3: Frisco Northwest Community Park Trail ( Frisco )

frisco northwest community park trail

This Frisco Trail is essentially in my back yard & its one i run regularly. It has numerous loops & looks confusing buts its well marked and not to technical. The distance of all the loops is about 9.7 miles and my fastest time around is 1hr & 38 minutes. I’m sure in this week it will be a little slower.

My distance after 3 days will be about 26.7 miles.

4: Isle Du Bois

IDB Isle Du Bois

Isle du bois is a cool trail system part of Ray Roberts State Park. It’s just 45 minutes north of me in Frisco. It’s a technical rocky system but the elevation isn’t out of hand and most of the trail can be run. There is a $7 per person entry fee into the park which opens at 7am in the morning. I should be pretty tired and sore by this point in the week and will have to be careful on this trail. I will have to work hard on my warm up and warm down routine for sure. But views of the lake will be well worth it.

My distance after 4 days will be about 36 miles.

5: Knob Hills Flower Mound

knob hills flower mound trail

This trail doesn’t seem to have much elevation change which I’m sure by this time of the week i will be super happy about. From some strava data I’ve been able to dig up its only 53ft of gain on the out and back and the CR ( course record ) for guys is only 1:27 where as for the girls it’s a 2:01. So doesn’t look to scary and looks like it could be fun. I’ve never run there before.

My distance after 5 days will be about 47 miles.

6: Erwin Park

Erwin Park Trail

Erwin park is an awesome little 7.8 miles that somehow kicks your ass every time. There are an even spread of shaded sections and open field sections. If it’s not hot and sunny then its humid and either way its a hard day. Not a lot of elevation but it always keeps you on your toes and if you’re not careful you will blow yourself and your legs up. At day 6 I will have to take it super easy out here on this day as I will be heading back to the North shore for the west loop on day 7.

My distance after 6 days will be about 55 miles.

7: North shore Trail ( west loop )

north shore trails

On day 7 i expect my legs to be smashed. My back will be screaming at me. My hip flexors if not yet broken won’t be very happy with me. Hopefully at this point i can still use my knees. No, I’m not 70 years old. I’m not even 40 yet but have not been blessed with knees that can run for days. What i like about this challenge and similar challenges like Rough Creek Trail Run  is its teaching me patience on the run & also teaching me where my limitations are. Its teaching me about what my body needs on long runs ( or long walks ) and its showing me more and more about my hydration & nutrition. Day 7 should be a fun day filled with lots of walking.

My distance after 7 days will be about 65 miles.

If you’re interested in doing any of these runs with me please get in touch via the comment box below or Facebook or Twitter.com/theslowafrican . I promise to post lots of pics and videos for your entertainment.

Right now I may look to do this event starting October 9th 2016.