Where am I now, where am I going?

If you asked someone who knew me back in 2015 who Jason Mellet was, they would probably tell you ” he is the guy who owns Cricket Store Online”. I was the guy who built something out of nothing. Didn’t he do a triathlon or something back in 2011? But with that journey coming to an end midway through 2016 when I handed the baton on to a new group of cricket enthusiasts I’ve been looking for my new story. Continue reading “Where am I now, where am I going?”

Johnson Branch State Park

johnson branch state park

Johnson Branch State Park trails

Johnson Branch Dorba trail system was really great. With it being about 45 minutes north of the Frisco Area it doesn’t get a lot of traffic like a trail like North Shore. So you’re sure to only one of the few out there. There is also very limited cell coverage so do be careful when going out there. Take a friend with you if you can. IDB is on the South Shore. Continue reading “Johnson Branch State Park”

Isle Du Bois / IDB

isle du bois texas

Isle Du Bois @ Lake Ray Roberts South Shore

Isle du bois is such a great trail. Its merely 19 miles north of my house in frisco Texas in Pilot Point Texas. Its probably one of my favorites in the area & there are a few reasons for that. Continue reading “Isle Du Bois / IDB”

Frisco Dirt Trails

Frisco Dirt Trails

Ive run The Northwest Community Trails ( Frisco Dirt ) now quite a lot. Its a mere 5 miles from my house so its essentially “in” my back yard. I also Mountain Bike there a lot. Now as you can see from the Strava Data above it says 27.7 miles. Its actually only 9.7 miles give or take. This happened to be the day i ran it 3 times. To date I’m not aware of anyone who has run it more than me ( 3 loops nonstop ) but I.m sure its possible someone has.

Erwin Park

Erwin Park, Mckinney Tx

Erwin Park is another awesome local trail system just 20 minutes from my house if Frisco. Its only about 8 miles long & the elevation isn’t scary with only 348 ft of gain. However for some reason it always kicks my butt. Im not sure if because its shorter i tend to run it harder or if its the insane humidity & heat in the summer but for some reason its always a huge challenge for me. Its great for biking & running & there is normally some campers out there as well.

To visit the cities page of the park for more information click here.

Arbor Hills

Arbor Hills

Arbor hills nature preserve is a great local Plano trail system. It has the best of both worlds OR should i say the best of all 3. Not only does it have the paved trails you may find in neighborhoods but it also has a designated hiking running dirt trail & also a dedicated biking trail system. Here is my Strava data from one of the recent times I went & walked the trails.

Not only are there these trails but its super family friendly. There is FREE wifi, restrooms, ample parking and a large playground for kids. To see the City website click here.