Running Seattle’s Discovery Park

If you’re staying in Seattle City Centre for a weekend or for a few days maybe on business or visiting family then Discovery Park is the closest place for you to get in a quick trail run. Continue reading “Running Seattle’s Discovery Park”

Must have items for a long trail run

I like running long. Im not much of a speedster but do have dreams of one day running the Grand Canyon R2R2R ( Rim to rim to rim ) Thats a 45 mile round trip done in 1 day. It would be epic & a recent bucket list of mine since i picked up trail running.

Ive compiled this short list of items no one should leave home without when going for a long trail run. Ive put it into the format of an infographic. What do you think? Continue reading “Must have items for a long trail run”

Northwest community Frisco trails.

The Frisco trails are basically my back yard. Less than 3 miles from my house straight up Teel. You can’t miss the Frisco water tower behind Eldorado high school that also overlooks these trails.

A fairly new trail system ( 5 years old ) set up by local members of Dorba spearheaded by Bill Woodward. Continue reading “Northwest community Frisco trails.”

The Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury last 3:30 Time Trial

As you may know Im trying to raise money for The Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinsons by riding The Tour Of Sufferlandria. Its a 9 day cycling tour done indoors using their indoor cycling training app.  It would be super awesome if you could please donate to our cause. Continue reading “The Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury last 3:30 Time Trial”

Race to the sun Hawaii style.

Imagine running up the side of a volcano! a 20 mile journey climbing 6000ft of vertical elevation! That sounds like a terrible idea. What time do we start?

I don’t know what is wrong with me. These horrible / amazing ideas always sound awesome to me….. Continue reading “Race to the sun Hawaii style.”

The Sufferfest – Tour Of Sufferlandria 2017

What is The Sufferfest?

Thats a great question & if you want proper answers the place to go is . The website is full of great information and will really give you a good idea of what you can expect. To put it simply The Sufferfest is a way to make boring indoor spin bike / trainer workouts & Treadmill runs A LOT more exciting. Continue reading “The Sufferfest – Tour Of Sufferlandria 2017”